Port Hope Hearts Gymnastics Club


Training with the body, mind and heart

Meet our Coaches!
Bev Laviolette is the Head Coach and owner of Port Hope Hearts Gymnastics Club, with NCCP Level 3 certification.  She is a former national athlete, and year after year she coaches our Provincial girls to victory at every competition they attend.

Jeanette DaCosta is level 3 women's technical NCCP certified and a level 2 men's NCCP certified coach. Jeanette's focus is the boys competitive program. She brings 20 years of experience and great energy to our gym!

Coach of the Year 2014!
Cassandra Cornall is an NCCP Level 1 Coach and a certified Level 1 ODP Assessor.  She coaches Recreational classes, Advanced Recreational classes, Pre-Competitive, and competitive girls.

When she is not coaching, you will find her working on administrative duties in the office. 

Cassandra also brings us a strong background in Theatre Arts!  
We are always looking for mature, hard-working, 
and positive competitive & recreational gymnastics coaches.

Contact us at heartsgymnastics@gmail.com 
to submit an application.
We love our coaches, they encourage us 
and allow us to be the best athletes we can be! 
Thank you to the best coaches!